Barrique - The Famous Art of Spirit

The Product Range

is an essential part of the Barrique philosophy.

Barrique imports directly from Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Benelux, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Australia, Chile, Jamaica and many other countries. Products are imported loosely into Germany and bottled on site at the companyxs Head Office into 5 litre bottles, Barrique kegs (15 and 50 litre) and other bottles. Some wines are also used for "bag-in-the-box" presentation.

Loose fine spirits

Barrique offers a wide range of spirits of best quality. This includes Grappa, Calvados, Whisky, fruit brandies, wine brandies and other speciality spirits from different countries.

Loose liqueur, liqueur wines, cocktails and mousses

Into this range fall many liqueurs, liqueur wines, loose cocktails and mousses made by Barrique. This category further includes fruit mark liqueurs, sherries and cocktails such as Gin Fizz and much more.

Loose vinegars & oils

Barrique offers a wide range of different vinegars and oils. For example garlic oil (based on cold pressed olive oil), cold pressed pumpkin seed oil from Slovenia, native olive oil with herbs from the Provence, red current vinegar made from pure fruit juice, lemon vinegar from pure apple and lemon juice.


The palette of wines incorporates pure grape country wines and quality wines from France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Australia, California, Argentina and Chile....










Coffee, tea, spices, finefood

A selection of coffees, teas, spices, finefood and delikatessen like italian pesto, mustard from Dijon. etc. is available to complement the product range.

Designer bottles, mouth blown bottles

Part of the range form unusual designer bottles, some mouth blown and carafes in different sizes and colours. Many of these are protected by copyright.

Designer bottle stops

In order to complement the look Barrique offers a wide selection of corks and other bottle stops. These too are covered by copyright.

Other accessories

A whole range of accessories complete the picture: wine and spirit glasses, wooden caskets and presentation boxes, greeting cards and labels and much more.

Quality Assurance

Loose wines, vinegars, oils, sauces and other delicate products are offered in Kegs (small stainless steel barrels); all other loose products are stored in 15 litre glass amphorae.

Barrique has not only adapted the Keg technique, which finds its origin in the world of breweries, to suit the needs for the sale of loose products, but also made it acceptable for use in an upmarket retail environment.

Furniture was especially designed not only to accommodate the technology behind the Keg system but also to create an appealing ambience that is pleasing to the eye. Unlike with beer, a particular type of nitrogen that is suitable for use with foodstuffs is added to allow products to flow. At the same time the nitrogen provides protection from damaging oxygen and thus perfect preservation for the product. Only this way is it possible to avoid undesirable changes to the product (spoilt wine and vinegar, rancid oils as the result of overexposure to oxygen).

As a result of many years of experience it was found that even wooden barrels prove unsuitable for storage of delicate products in a retail environment. Of course good wines and sherries, etc must mature initially in wooden barrels . However, once it reaches the retailer, wooden barrels are thoroughly unsuitable for prolonged storage, which will inevitably result in undesirable changes in the product.

In order to preserve the high quality of its products, Barrique does therefore not make use of wooden barrels.